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Michael DiBlasi Fitness at Wellness Springs

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Fitness at
Wellness Springs

We are a true wellness center, offering services by expert body workers and movement coaches. Whether you are looking to get out of pain, recover from injury, or improve your current fitness we are uniquely suited to help you achieve and exceed those goals.


Our fitness classes are grounded in natural movement.
At its core, the goal of natural movement is to teach you to move your body more efficiently. This involves honing the ability to balance, walk, jump, and climb. The more skillfully we can move our bodies the more resilient we will be when lifting, carrying, and throwing any object. Many of these fundamentals will be involved in every class. We provide a very open learning environment. If any of these elements feel a little beyond your ability, don't let that keep you away. We are here to guide and teach!


All of our classes are performed without shoes. Socks are welcomed but we are sure you will prefer bare feet in no time. Comfortable exercise clothing is recommended. All equipment will be provided but please supply your own fluids. Being a natural movement class we greatly prefer a natural environment. Weather permitting we will be outside on the lawn. Inclement weather will find us inside the studio.


We strongly encourage movement practice outside of the studio. We will help guide you in creating this habit and strongly encourage any questions before, during, and after class.

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