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KatieHossYoga & Michale DiBlasi Fitness at Welless Springs

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Katie Hoss

Yoga Instructor

Katie began her yoga journey in Utah while living as a backpacking guide. Her passion for yoga continued to grow through her daily practice and teachings to her clients while on backcountry excursions. She obtained her 200 Hour Yoga teacher certification through Yoga Alliance in Costa Rica and has been spreading her passion for combining the principles of asana with breathing ever since.


Her vibrant energy and passion for yoga are contagious and evident in each of her classes but don’t end there,  Katie has a passion for overall wellness and spends her time while not teaching and practicing yoga, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and camping, all while practicing mindfulness.

Yoga Certifications:

RYT 200 Hour
Yoga Nidra
Restorative Yoga
Hridaya Hatha Yoga


TRX Qualified Coach
TRX Yoga Coach

Wellness Springs is proud to welcome such an accomplished and vibrant instructor to our team.

Michael DiBlasi

Fitness and Natural Movement Coach

I mostly grew up in a very small town where access to team sports were limited but access to the outdoors was readily available.  My formative years were mostly spent running around in the woods and coming with games/adventures that likely caused some early grey hairs on my parents. 


In the early adult years I shifted gears into formalized road and trail racing, falling in love with ultras and strength training.  This began to stagnate and I found getting out the door to “train” became a burden.  That’s when I was able to realize the essential nature of creativity in our movement practices.  The idea of going for a long run can be daunting but the idea of getting to that mountain summit is extremely exciting. 


Now I focus on uncovering that sense of play we all had at a younger age and marrying that with great workouts.  The sense creativity and play is at an all time high and those race results have only gotten better for it. 

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