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Fitness at Wellness Springs

Michael DiBlasi Fitness at Wellness Springs

Is this program for you?

Do you

  • Have chronic pain

  • Want to improve range of motion

  • Want to improve strength and coordination

  • Increase your overall fitness and vitality

  • Tired of the same gym routines and environment

  • Be part of a great fitness community

Our Goals

 My primary goal is to teach you to move your body more efficiently.
    Moving more skillfully through your available range of motion helps         mitigate injuries, improve mood, and boost performance. 
Whether your passion is winning a competition or getting out
        to play with the grandkids, natural movement training will
                  add more quality and enjoyment to your day.

What makes us different

“The best thing a person can do is to be of some use.” 


This quote has resonated with me for most of my life and has a great parallel to natural movement.  Many contemporary fitness systems focus on movements in a single plane and the use of machines or an abundance of equipment.  Most practical situations in life require us to be able to get our own body or a particular object over, under, or around an obstacle. 


Not only do we train through real world situations but this also teaches you techniques you can use anywhere.  I’ll help you learn how to use any part of your environment as a tool to enhance your movement, mobility, and fitness. 


Gaining this creativity, and the strength that goes with it, makes us more useful in any situation from everyday life to emergencies.

     Fitness for Every Body

True fitness is not about the shape of your body
but the efficiency of your movements.
Shape, size, and age do not dictate how much
you can improve and how much better you can feel.

A practical  and affordable answer to chronic nagging pain &  low energy.

Optimize your workout time and experience a balanced body!

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