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Laura at Wellness Springs Yoga studio


KatieHossYoga at Wellness Springs

Yoga Class Descriptions

TRX Yoga Flow 
TRX Yoga Flow is a style of Power Yoga that leverages the TRX Suspension Trainer to enhance & assist your practice. You will coordinate movements with your breath while challenging your strength, mobility, and balance.

TRX Chair Yoga
This fusion of TRX (suspension straps) and
Chair Yoga was created for everyBODY. If you are new to yoga, getting back into yoga, scared of yoga, or curious about yoga this is the class for you. TRX straps promote mobility, stability, and balance. As you hold onto the straps your spine is aligned and the body is assisted into perfect alignment, and while sitting in the chair performing asanas (yoga poses) you are fully supported and safe.


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