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Greenwood Lake cold water therapy

Cold Water Therapy

 at Wellness Springs

Greenwood lake cold water therapy in the frozen lake

Cold Water Therapy

Parveen is Wim Hof Method Practitioner.  She has been practicing cold water therapy for over 4 years. She has completed the WHM Fundamentals course and Power of the Mind course through the Wim Hof Method Academy.

She organizes and runs the Greenwood Lake WHM Group on Facebook. Members of the group meet every week and enter the cold lake during the fall, winter, and early spring months.
She is currently enrolled in the WHM Academy to become an instructor.


Cold water therapy has numerous health benefits and Parveen's passion for the cold has helped her overcome her own obstacles. 

Your First Visit

Parveen offers two types of consultations. One is for beginners who have no cold water experience and the second is for clients who are currently doing cold showers. 


During your one-hour session you can expect the following: 

  • For clients who have no cold water experience, I will teach you how to take a cold shower safely.   

  • Teach you the benefits of cold water therapy. 

  • What happens in the body when you enter the cold water. 

  • How to enter the cold water and control your breath. 

  • Guided experience in a lake for clients who have already been practicing cold showers and would like an experience in nature. 


Coaching services are

  • $60 for beginners

  •  $100 for clients who wish to have an open water experience with a coach. 

Parveen accepts cash, Venmo, and Paypal along with credit cards. 


To schedule an appointment please email Parveen at or call 845-551-6070

Parveen in the frozen water of Greenwood Lake

Cancellation Policy

We understand that life circumstances can uproot our best plans.  Please be courteous as we have set up this cancellation policy to respect our time as well as that of our clients. 

  • There is no charge for any sessions that are canceled or rescheduled 24 hours before the start time of your original session. 

  • 50% of session rate is charged if the session is canceled or rescheduled within 12 hours prior to your appointment. 

  • 100% of session rate is charged if the session is canceled or rescheduled within 6 hours prior to your appointment. 

  • We strongly believe that your time is valuable and should be treated with respect. Therefore, if we must cancel your appointment within 12 hours of your appointment, your next session will be 50% off. 

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