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Meet Jim Harwood

Cranio Sacral Therapy at Wellness Springs

James Harwood photo

James Harwood

Physical Therapist

Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Jim’s primary focus with his clients is to understand that each person has their own unique story and issue(s) that affects their ability to be pain-free and fully functional.  His approach is based on his 25+ years of experience as a physical therapist and his advanced training in Osteopathic Manual Therapy.

Jim’s experience and unique training allow for a holistic/full body approach to his clients of all ages with a myriad of issues including back and neck pain, headaches, stress and anxiety, sleep difficulty and TMJ difficulties to name a few.

His primary objective is to find the root cause of dysfunction and pain and treat them through a range of different approaches including myofascial release, soft and joint tissue mobilization as well as craniosacral therapy.

Jim’s gentle, inviting style puts his clients at ease and allows for maximal possible outcomes with the understanding that once treated and supported the person’s own ability to heal themselves is maximized.

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