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Woman receiving Acupuncture

Meet Dewey Frechette

Acupuncture at Wellness Springs

Dewey Frechette

Licensed acupuncturist

Dewey Frechette received his Masters of Science in Acupuncture from New York College of Health Professions. He began his path of healing in 2013 when he graduated from the Academy of Health Nutrition with an AADP certification to be an herbalist. 


What inspired Dewey to pursue a career in alternative healing was western science’s lack of help in treating Dewey’s grandmother, who suffered from a mini-stroke in 2012. After seeing his grandmother’s drastic improvement with the herbal regiment he prescribed her, Dewey was filled with confidence to pursue a career based on healing with nature. 


Dewey believes that acupuncture and herbs can help a person restore balance to their physical, emotional and spiritual selves. Through the use of thin needles, acupuncturist can manipulate the body’s bio-energy, helping to bring about a state of equilibrium to the afflicted parts of the body. 


So often does modern medicine only look at the branch, or the symptoms of an illness, instead of attacking the root cause of the underlying imbalances. Getting to the root of the problem is one of the benefits of pursuing acupuncture and herbs. 

Dewey Frechette acupuncturist
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