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Person receiving a Chiropractic adjustment

Our Approach

Perri Chiropractic at Wellness Springs

Emphasis on Active Care

Our goal is to teach our patients how to correct the root cause of 90 % of their pain.   Treatment includes a tailored Wellness Plan which includes posture, breathing, relaxation and strengthening exercises that can be performed easily throughout the day.  Chronic habits of poor posture and movement can change and patients can live pain free despite their age or sport.

We spend time with you.


We are committed to understanding and treating the underlying cause of a patient’s symptoms - this takes time.  Our initial visits are between 30 and 60 minutes and follow up session are 15 - 30 minutes.

Gentle, Specific & Progressive

Thorough history & examination allows us to pinpoint the pain generator.  Treatment at this office is very specific and gentle. Most importantly it is progressive, as the patient improves, their treatment changes - each visit builds upon the previous.  Awareness and exercises are refined and expanded as flexibility, core strength and balance are restored.

Cutting Edge. Experienced.

Both of our Dr.s and Studio staff are constantly taking seminars and studying to bring you the latest and most effective treatments, exercises and research-based programs.

What makes us different

Our doctors at Perri chiropractic not only treat the conditions but the patients who present them. Each patient has their own unique history - and goals. We strive to empower patients to take part in their own healing process and guide them in improving their awareness and habits of movement so that they feel good, move better and enjoy life to the fullest.

Patient Education

We also offer ongoing workshops and classes in our Movement Studio on  Living Pain Free, Mindfulness, Relaxation, Improved Sleep, Foam Rolling and Nutrition so that our patients have the tools not only to avoid pain but to thrive.

Referral Network

We recognize that sometimes a patient’s condition is beyond the scope of chiropractic and a referral is required.  We refer to a large network of Complimentary and Traditional providers and pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate care and participate in integrated treatment plans.

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