The Yoga Wellness Rx Program

The Studio at Wellness Springs

The Yoga Wellness Rx Program

  • Intro Class

    • Reviews the program

    • Gives students Q & A opportunity

  • Postural and Muscle Imbalance Screening

    • Identifies the 5 Major Muscle Imbalances

  • Yoga Rx Upper & Lower Body Classes

    • Target the key muscles to stretch & strengthen

    • Teach which Yoga postures to avoid

  • Breathing 101 Class

    • Assesses your breathing rate & pattern

    • Teaches optimal breathing during Yoga & exercise

    • Includes how to reduce stress, anxiety & pain

  • Meditation 101 Class

    • Guides you to mediate simply and easily

    • Inspires a daily practice of mind/body relaxation

  • Yoga Off the Mat Class

    • Gives a daily home program of strategic

                   stretching, strengthening and movement

  • Teaches how to sit, drive and work at a computer without pain

Is this program for you?

This program is for you especially if:

  • Doing Yoga causes an increase of your symptoms:  Back, neck, knee…

  • You have persistent or recurrent aches and pains

  • You think you are too inflexible to do Yoga

  • You prefer personalized attention

  • You want a more integrated approach

  • You want the time you spend doing Yoga to be therapeutic

Our Goals

Recognizing muscle imbalance is essential to take you and your practice to the next level.


There are 5 basic imbalances that are present in most people in varying degrees.

   Most are caused by poor habits of posture and movement:

  • Improper sitting and sleeping positions

  • Compensation from past injury


The goal of our program is to:

  • Identify the muscle imbalances

  • Stretch tight and shortened muscles

  • Strengthen lengthened, weak muscles


This restores balance and puts you on your way to better posture and less pain.

A practical  and affordable answer to chronic nagging pain &  low energy.

Optimize your Yoga time and experience a balanced body!

What makes us different

The Yoga Wellness Rx Program is a new approach that applies the principles of muscle imbalance to the ancient practice of Yoga.  It addresses the root cause of 80 % of most people’s chronic aches, pains and poor posture.

What you will learn

Muscles will do exactly what you train them to do.
Doing Yoga and exercise WITH muscle imbalances often STRENGTHENS the imbalances!


Two factors that contribute to injuries in Yoga are:

  • Stretching the wrong muscles for your current condition

  • Stretching too deeply


In the Yoga Wellness Rx Program you will learn:

  • HOW to stretch and WHAT to stretch

  • Yoga postures to AVOID

  • HOW to strengthen and WHAT to strengthen

  • A Rx Card detailing your findings for Massage & Chiropractic integration