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Our Approach

Nutrition at Wellness Springs

Cutting Edge & Experienced

Our nutritionists are constantly taking seminars and studying to bring you the latest and most effective nutritional programs.  At the same time, we avoid fads and base our approach on foundational principles steeped in timeless wisdom and common sense.

Emphasis on Active Care

We believe that every person has the potential  to heal from within. We help you form a plan of action, taking dietary changes gradually and incorporating some supportive mind-body exercises as well, into your daily routine. Support and follow-up are critical components of our Active Care model.

Integrated Patient Education

Nutrition is  just one of the supportive pillars to good health.  Our whole body approach includes learning to quiet your mind and set specific intentions.  We offer many workshops and classes on Yoga, Tai Chi, Mindfulness, Relaxation, Sleep and Pain Relief.   We encourage you to practice and make these new found skills part of your daily routine.

What makes us different

In our view, Food is Medicine, and our first and foremost emphasis is on what you are eating and how you “feed” yourself, nutritionally and in life. Our goal is to identify the root causes of your concerns and explore the nutrition-related trouble spots where they begin.

Referral Network

Sometimes a patient’s illness is beyond the scope of the  Nutrition Practice that is offered at Wellness Springs, and a referral is required.  We refer to a large network of Complementary and Traditional providers and pride ourselves in our ability to collaborate care and participate in integrated treatment plans.

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