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Patient Experience

Nutrition at Wellness Springs

Prior to Scheduling

Gather information about your daily eating habits, physical activities, interests, support people, living and working environment, medical history, relevant test results, and any lab work such as Hgb, a1c, Lipid profile, CBC, or blood nutrient levels.
You will be asked to complete two questionnaires before your first visit:
a)    Three - day food recall (see downloadable file)
b)    Readiness for change questionnaire (see downloadable file)
Please dig deep and be honest when completing these.   Remember, there is no place for judgement at Wellness Springs.  Your personal thoughts and information are safe with us.


First Visit -  75 minutes.  $125
Be sure to bring the following completed forms:

  • 3-day food recall

  • Readiness for Change Survey

  • Medical records, lab work or test results 


This first meeting will be a lot of information gathering and discussion.  Our goal is to get to know you so that we can create an individualized Treatment Plan which will address your unique needs.  Time permitting and when appropriate, you will be given the first round of dietary suggestions.  
Second Visit - 45 - 60 minute within 1-2 weeks after Initial Visit    $95
It’s at this second visit, that you’ll begin the implementation of a Plan of Eating for Life!  It’s exciting, it’s satisfying, and it can be the beginning of a beautiful, healthy relationship between you and your food!

Practicing with new foods, menus, recipe ideas and plenty of encouragement will follow, as you begin to build a new culture around your food and eating.

The plan will also incorporate and encourage supportive measures such as regular body movement, breathing exercises, ideas for mindful eating and self-monitoring. Suggestions for herbal or nutrient supplementation and/or probiotics as appropriate will also be made.
Subsequent Visits: up to 30 minutes   $45

These check-in visits keep you on track and moving toward your goals.  It’s always helpful to tweak your eating plan, to have your questions answered and concerns resolved and to receive support & encouragement as you continue on your journey.  


The Nutrition Services at Wellness Springs are not currently covered by insurance.


Call (845) 928-2225 to schedule an appointment.

Our nutritionist Ellen is available Mondays & Thursdays from  Noon to 7 pm 

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