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Meet the Nutritionist

Nutrition at Wellness Springs


Ellen Levine

Nutritionist at Wellness Springs

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Cornell University and graduate degree in Community Nutrition from Syracuse University, Ellen has spent over 30 years actively practicing in the ever-evolving field of nutrition and health. She built her nutrition counseling skills by serving patients in various community health centers in the Catskill-Hudson Valley area.  Over the past three years she completed a round of intensive course-work at the Integrated and Functional Nutrition Academy (IFNA).   


A week of intensive nutrition study at the Kripalu Center fostered a truly integrative and functional approach to her nutrition practice and a beginning to a life-changing yoga practice. Fascinated with the discovery of a deep mind-body connection, especially when it comes to making positive changes to lifestyle habits, she studied massage therapy at the Swedish Institute in NYC and became a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)  in 2008. Through her background in nutrition, massage and yoga, Ellen discovered her passion for providing information and tools to support others in making their own lasting life and health changes.


“I I feel like I understand something about the body’s biology and chemistry from my nutrition background; its structure and function in the bones, muscles and connective tissue from learning massage therapy. But the real miracle for me is in the quiet stillness of yoga, it’s amazing breath work, and how that, or any mindful practice connects us to our true intentions and purpose.”

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