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Corporate Workshops

by Wellness Springs


Beginner to advanced Yoga  classes - Featuring traditional asana flow, restorative poses, breathing exercises for relaxation and if requested, introduction to meditation. Our philosophy is that Yoga is NOT about flexibility.  We specialize in introducing first time students to Yoga. Yoga classes are usually 60 - 90 minutes and are designed to be safe and appropriate for students of all levels.


The Magic of Movement Class

Have you heard - Sitting is the new smoking?  Researchers continue to find evidence that prolonged sitting increases the risk of developing several serious illnesses like various types of cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  This class teaches the most cutting edge stretch and movement techniques that help release common places of pain and tension and leave participants feeling energized, relaxed and ready to focus on their work!

Golf Fitness Class

Is injury or lack of fitness holding you back from playing your best? This Golf specific class,  based on a deep understanding of how the body functions during the golf swing, explores some of the key limitations found that limit proper swing mechanics.  It includes cutting edge flexibility, core, and coordination exercises from Titleist Performance Institute’s golf fitness program. Our goal is to improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury with these golf specific exercises. Titleist Performance Institute Golf Readiness Movement Screens are also available.  Each TPI Movement Evaluation includes 16 Golf specific screens that test set up posture, flexibility and key golf movements.  Also,includes a corrective exercise home program. This evaluation is one on one and takes approximately 2 hours.

CHI Flow

Have you ever seen a Tai Chi  class moving gracefully together in a beautiful park?  Tai Chi is not only called “ Meditation in Motion” but “Medication in Motion “  because of the powerful positive effect it has on one’s health when practiced regularly.  . Awaken your “Chi” or life energy with self care exercises that can be used to combat fatigue  or jet lag and promote overall health and vitality.

Stress management classes

Building Resilience - Stress Management

Is stress affecting your employee’s  health and job performance? A variety of mindfulness-based exercises including the quick coherence technique teach practical skills to better manage stress and increase resilience.


Managing Pain & Anxiety - The Art of Relaxation

Is pain and/or anxiety limited your employees from working at their full potential?     Simple awareness, dietary changes and breathing can reduce pain and create the reflex to relax.


Calming the Mind/Relaxing the Body to Improve Sleep

Having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or getting enough sleep? Learn how to calm your busy mind and relax so that deep restful sleep is possible.


Fueling for performance - Nutrition Solutions

Race cars require special fuel to optimize their performance.  So do you! Learn what nutritional choices fuel your body to endure long work days, high levels of physical and mental activity and hectic travel schedules.


Calming the Mind - the Inner Ease Technique

Scientists and physicians consider HRV ( Heart Rate Variability )  to be an important indicator of health and optimal performance. Using HeartMath’s revolutionary emWave technology anyone can learn to bring themselves to a balanced state called coherence - and experience it’s many benefits including increased energy, improved mental acuity and problem solving skills and the ability to quickly stabilize and maintain balance in stress charged situation.  HeartMath is backed by 25 years of scientific research and surprisingly easy to do! Perfect for scientific minds or visual learners who benefit from being able to measure their responses and track progress over time.


Experience Mindfulness

The word Mindfulness can be seen everywhere these days.  Do you know what it really is? More importantly, do you know what it feels like to be Mindful?  A short Questionnaire will be given that measures participants Mindfulness IQ and the principles of Mindfulness and how they can be applied in everyday life will be explored.   Class ends with a relaxing guided MIndfulness meditation


Mindful eating

HOW we eat is as important as what we eat!  Bringing the principles of mindfulness to any mealtime allows the opportunity to direct our attention fully to the present moment, to enjoy and be nourished by our food and to relax deeply.  This mini-vacation is especially recommended for those with digestive problems or who feel constantly pressured by time.


The Art of Relaxation

You may know how to set goals and achieve them, but do you also know how to relax?  The ability to relax is a cornerstone of health and is vital to stay well when the demands of work and home are high.    Our classes combine gentle movements with various ancient and cutting edge mind/body techniques to create a daily ritual of unraveling that can be used throughout the day or before bedtime.


The Power of Breathing

How you breathe influences your health and your ability to manage stress more than any other factor.  Becoming aware of your habitual patterns of breathing and more importanting learning how to breathe in a way that empowers you is an essential tool in building stress resilience.  Power breathing can be taught in group or individual sessions


Discovering the Habits of Billionaires             

Interested in having your employee reach their  fullest potential? Learn to implement the key habits and routines of highly successful people.

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