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Our Approach

Nutrition at Wellness Springs

A Sustainable plan for you

Together, we can build a positive relationship with food. At Wellness Springs, we believe in collaborating with you and your team to create a personalized and sustainable plan to achieve your goals. 

What makes us different

While the primary goal of many diets is to change the outside of our bodies in order to see a change inside, we approach it the opposite way. Our process typically includes retraining the brain and body with a new perspective to reintroduce the experience of eating without judgement or biases around health and body image. This begins with rejecting the diet mentality and the idea that restriction leads to health. Our program does not include dieting or any quick fix for how you want to feel or look. A common theme among nutritionists or other health professionals is to evaluate a meal in terms of its nutritional value, the number of calories, amount of protein, fat, etc. We do not use scales or establish weight loss goals but instead create a qualitative relationship to food rather than a quantitative one. Conscious and intuitive eating is an intensely self-reflective adventure to make sustainable changes in your life from the inside out.

Creating a Roadmap

We provide guidance and feedback on how to consume a diet that nourishes your body and mind. An important part of this process is acknowledging how your body feels after consuming different foods and connecting that to future decisions around eating. This includes creating a roadmap for how you will change your relationship with food involving education on cooking, shopping, and sourcing. We aim to empower you to feel confident in your decision-making. Satisfying food experiences are motivating, re energizing, and nourishing. One essential attribute of being human is our ability to transform food into a pleasurable experience; no other species has that capacity. Through collaboration, we will turn that roadmap into tangible steps to facilitate change.

Change your Relationship with Food

We provide a holistic therapeutic approach to nutritional counseling guided by the philosophy of Intuitive Eating. Intuitive Eating places the focus of therapy on our relationship to food and the impact it has on both our mental and physical health. The goal of this approach is to confront the inner voice that tells us how we should or should not look and instead listen to our internal body cues to make decisions. The truth is that you can be healthy at any shape, size, or form and we support the Health at Every Size (HAES) community. Acceptance and love inside our bodies and minds enables us to be the best version of ourselves. We support and value body diversity and believe that only you can determine how you feel in your own body.

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