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Meet the Nutritionist

Nutrition at Wellness Springs


Ethan Shafran 

Ethan was born and raised in the Hudson Valley. He completed his undergraduate degree in dietetics up in beautiful Burlington, VT at The University of Vermont and holds a graduate degree in Public Health from Touro University. 


Ethan has worked in community-based settings teaching nutrition to a diverse population where he focused on creating programs in collaboration with local schools to build an environment that promotes a positive relationship to food and models the relationship between food and health. 


He has a background in cooking professionally and teaching cooking, which allows him to bring the knowledge of a chef to the role of a dietitian to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the complexity of food.  


Ethan loves to cook and bake and is the owner of a bread subscription business that offers naturally fermented whole grain bread to the community using sustainably produced flavor-driven grains. In his free time, Ethan likes to be outdoors and see live music. 


My experience with food:

I grew up in a very health-conscious household, in a family that had a history of obsession around food and a belief that dieting was the cure to a healthy body or a positive body image. It was not until I began working in restaurants that my relationship with food changed.


As I discovered the language of food and cooking, I learned to evaluate food not in terms of its caloric content, but instead where it had come from, the soil it had grown in, how it smelled, looked, tasted, and even the impact it has on our environment.

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