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Our Process

Perri Chiropractic at Wellness Springs

Step 1: Pain relief

Addressing the cause.

Finding the underlying cause of pain helps treatment be more effective and recurrences less likely.  Our whole body functional approach is steeped in a deep understanding of body mechanics and the impact stress, sedentary living or overactivity has on a body’s ability to heal.

Treatment is gentle and specific.  We take the time to re-educate posture and breathing, teach tissue sparing movement and enhance the healing process with skilled soft tissue techniques and manipulation.  Effective home care advice and dietary choices that can help reduce inflammation are included.

Step 2: Restore movement

Movement with individualized corrective treatment.

Many people use Chiropractic as a bandaid and discontinue care once they are out of pain. This is unfortunate, because the greatest opportunity for lasting change occurs AFTER pain is resolved. Assessing movement with the Mag 7 screening easily shows the basic underlying mobility, stability and movement faults that perpetuate chronic issues and re-injury. Individualized program of Posture, Core stability, Balance and Relaxation as well as Home Care Advice. Retesting monitors progress and allows treatment to be customized to a patient’s goals.

Step 3: Move well & often

Build strength and resiliance.

When stressed, tired or ill bodies return to old negative patterns.   Fine tuning and support are necessary to install good posture and efficient movement as the default pattern in our nervous system.  An occasional alignment, trigger point release, insight of awareness or progression of an exercise allows the body not only to stay well, but to continue to improve!

Step 4: Power & ease

Improving athletic abilities.

Peak athletic performance happens when a mind is focused and calm, a body is actively relaxed and energy can flow freely without the limitations of pain, inflexibility, or weakness.. Specialized in depth movement screens like the SFMA for pain, the FMS or Titleist Performance Screening ( golf specific ) brings to light the exact mobility, stability, balance, coordination, and relaxation restrictions. A progressive program of treatment and corrective exercise frees the athlete to perform at their fullest potential.

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